Rock Candy Funk Party : The Groove Cubed 2LP (Uusi)

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Rock Candy Funk Party : The Groove Cubed 2LP  Uusi. Kelmuissa. Provogue. PRD 7535 1. EAN 819873015680


Rock Candy Funk Party are Tal Bergman (producer and drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar), and Mike Merritt (bass). The collective credits of these top-notch groove loving musicians include Joe Zawinul, Hugh Masekela, Prince, Ruth Brown, Chaka Khan, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, Tito Puente, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Conan O’Brien, Sheila E. and many more. With the new album, the band shakes things up by adding two fabulous vocalists to the mix (Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble and Mahalia Barnes), which is a first for RCFP.


    • 1. Gothic Orleans
    • 2. Drunk On Bourbon On Bourbon Street
    • 3. In the Groove
    • 4. Don't Even Try It
    • 5. Two Guys and Stanley Kubrick Walk Into a Jazz Club
    • 6. Isle of the Wright Brothers
    • 7. Mr Space
    • 8. I Got the Feelin'
    • 9. After Hours
    • 10. This Tune Should Run For President
    • 11. Mr Funkadamus Returns and He is Mad
    • 12. Funk-O-Potamia
    • 13. The Token Ballad
    • 14. Ping Pong


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Hinta, johon sisältyy ALV. Katso toimitusehdot.
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