Jeff Buckley : Mystery White Boy CD (Uusi)

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Jeff Buckley : Mystery White Boy CD Uusi. Kelmuissa. Music On CD. MOCCD13968. EAN 8718627231777 ‘Mystery White Boy’, culled from Jeff Buckley's eight-month world tour of the same name, is not just another live album blighted by whoops and catcalls. Buckley's mother Mary Guibert compiled it from the DAT tapes recorded on his tour supporting the ‘Grace’ album. ‘Mystery White Boy’ includes many of the gems from ‘Grace’, including a very stirring performance of "Dream Brother." And Classics like "Eternal Life", "Last Goodbye," and "Grace" are really good live. Of Course, it also has "Hallelujah" in a medley with "I Know It's Over." The unreleased tracks like "Mood Swing Whisky" and the relaxed, Hendrix-like swagger of "Woke Up In A Strange Place" are welcome additions. This is a 12 track, 72 minute treat for the ears. 1. Dream Brother(Hamburg 1995) 2. I Woke Up In a Strange Place(Melbourne 1996) 3. Mojo Pin(Lyon 1995) 4. Lilac Wine(Melbourne 1996) 5. What Will You Say(Lyon 1995) 6. Last Goodbye(Paris 1995) 7. Eternal Life(Melbourne 1996) 8. Grace(Melbourne 1996) 9. Mood Swing Whisky(Melbourne 1996) 10. The Man That Got Away(San Francisco 1995) 11. Kanga Roo(Sydney 1995) 12. Hallelujah/I Know It's Over(Seattle 1995)